Working with Belal is a gift!

You are probably reading this because you are thinking of hiring Belal. My strongest recommendation? Don’t just think about it, do it! Really. You won’t be disappointed!

I waded through hundreds of applications for website designers. It was a tedious process and I finally thought I hired a designer only to find that they were not qualified, made promises they could not keep and so would be unable to design my site…it was a huge disappointment. Then an artist I worked with mentioned Belal, and after our initial meeting I knew that hiring Belal would be the solution to my needs and so the design of my website began…

Working with Belal, owner of Belal Design, has been wonderful and exceeded my expectations. He is professional, personable, efficient, communicates well, builds on your ideas and just brings everything you dreamed of for your design to life!!! Belal listens and will work with you to create a design that reflects what you and your business are about.

I wanted a kick ass website and I got one. The proof is in the pudding – Even better? Belal is there 24/7 (literally – you have an emergency? he wants your call!) to make sure your website is working perfectly.

In addition to giving me the initial design I wanted, Belal has also made it easy to provide upgrades to my site, continually providing me with the website support I need for my small company. So, I’ve gotten a great design and I am able to keep offering my readers more so that the site can grow along with my business.

I think one of the most important parts of creating a website is not just having ideas, but the relationship you have with the person who is going to help you make those ideas a reality. Working with Belal, it feels like he is a part of my team and I value that – so much, that if you want to contact me personally┬áto find out more about what it is like to work with Belal, that I would welcome the opportunity to sing my praises!

Alyna Waters
The Gift Detective